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Women's Slingback Shoes | Slingback Wedge Sandals & Boots

strappy slingback sandals

The World Is Our Passion When Creating Slingback Sandals In Extraordinary Designs

Line after line, Antelope’s in-house designers carry out new, singular compositions. To get a vision for producing a broad variety of designs in line with the most current styles in the realm of fashion and footwear, the designers scour the world to get acquainted with and briefed on every nook and cranny of current fashion trend. Women in many different countries are enjoying our designs because our outreach goes near and far. Its exciting and unique designs of women's slingback shoes are marketed and retailed in Europe, America, China, Australia, Canada, and, surely, Israel. The business maintains progress and development inside the existing markets, and its objective presently is to continue accessing new markets which appeal to potential consumers. Top quality boutiques and upscale, quality shoe stores are the chief sellers of our slingback sandals,link these Hi Cut Wedge , selection. The company maintains growth and development inside the current avenues, and its ambition presently is to keep exploring new markets which hold an interest from potential consumers.



slingback clogs shoes

Your Slingback Clogs, Your Way

Prior to every production of clogs, we consider a number of things. Such aspects consist of the foot and leg characteristics of various ladies and also the ease of use. The ingenuity incorporated into the production is dependent on the natural appearance of the feminine feet, just so that they supply enough assistance when walking. Not compromising on comfort goes a long way to relieve the tension when in use any day, anytime, and anywhere. Check these slingback clogs Juni.


slingback flatform sandals for women

Different Models Of Slingback Shoes Which Is Ideal For Most Ladies.

Initiated in the late nineties in Tel Aviv, Antelope is an excellent quality label of women's sandals & booties.The company concentrates on creating a vast choice of footwear, anything from platforms or high, medium and short wedges to flat shoes or sandals alongside high-heels in different heights In each leather slingback shoes niche there is an abundant repertoire of variations to suit a wide range of customers with assorted needs Whether you are looking for open toe or closed toe sandals, open back shoes, clogs & mules, knee-high boots, ankle boots, and more, there is an abundant stock of possibilities, to suit a wide scope of buyers, in the making of each slingback flatform sandals.

brown slingback wedge sandals


Paramount Attention For Each Slingback Wedge Sandals

Each year, 2 brand new collection lines by Antelope are being released to the to the retailers.The customers’ requirements are successfully addressed through range of designs and imagination that are always present in both collections. Careful choosing of resources is the leading strategy behind Antelope’s great quality women's slingback sandals making. Antelope’s disposition and guidelines come to guarantee the manufacture of a highly accurate and detailed line under constant quality control. Our company holds top-notch guidelines; that is why, every pair of slingback wedge sandals we make is subjected to a great deal of care. Antelope’s policy ensure the manufacture of a superbly accurate and detailed line under perpetual quality monitoring. The company’s high guidelines and approach are echoed in absolutely everything, from the shoe idea to the creation stage. ’Tiny details that lead to a significant difference’ is their chief slogan in each and every slingback shoes .