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Antelope Shoes on "My Life Well Loved"

Antelope 982 Closed Back Sandals were styled and reviewed by the lovely Heather from “My Life Well Loved”. Heather is a well known Alabama based lifestyle blogger. On her blog Heather shares fashion and lifestyle tips, outfit inspirations and glimpses of her life (and her oh so adorable baby!).


What did Heather have to say about Antelope shoes?


“ They are right on trend with their chunky heel and let me assure you that most the women I know already own a pair or two of Antelopes because let’s be honest…they are the perfect stylish feel for the mom on the go.”


Heather went for a feminine look, adding the sandals as an edgier touch. The neutral tones of the outfit work perfectly with the color of the sandals and create a very stylish and covetable look, perfect for any occasion. To get that stylish feel Heather is talking about, shop the shoes here.