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Unique Collection of Leather Sandals For Women

leather sandals for women

We Travel The Globe To Create Leather Sandals In Stunning Designs

Antelope is focused to creating modern, branded styles of leather sandals for women each year. And to stay on top of the most recent in-vogue designs developments, our ingenuious workforce journey all over the universe to explore diverse cultures and arts. We view that these kinds of journeys help to boost ingenuity and propel our group to create modern shoe signatures. Our products are generally approved in a number of countries of the world because of to its longevity, convenience, and attractive patterns. From The US to North america to Europe, down to Australia, The far east, and, of course, Israel, our products are attracting relevance. Antelope is focused on growing its market access into other emerging areas in Asia and Africa, where our shoe designs will be tremendously adored. To purchase our variety of flat leather sandals, just visit your local fashion retailers in your location.



brown leather sandals

Feel Beautiful, Be Comfortable

To continue the creation process, raw components are being meticulously chosen. Gorgeously soft, high-quality leather is what all our ladies leather sandals, Ciarra, are made of. To render the flat leather sandals a character and appeal, it undergoes a manual practice of brushing and oiling. Depending on the look we go for, the hide might go through a process similar to what was done in the olden days, immersion by hand; or, in case that a more luminous and special look is what we are trying to achieve, the upper will be subjected to metallic touches. To allow the foot to breathe at all times, the lining and insoles are also dressed in lush-and-soft leather. And when it comes to the configuration of platforms and wedges, then surely we won’t skip the effect of such qualities like durability, softness, uniqueness, lightness, and comfort. For those who like to wear heels, then these will be fitting for walking and standing.


leather sandals

Different Types Of Brown Leather Sandals That Is Perfect For Virtually All Females.

Antelope is a high-quality make of ladies leather sandals initiated in the late nineties in Tel-AvivFor an affordable cost we deliver to our customers a victorious combination of innovation, fashion, utmost comfort, and quality, all principal ideas in our brown leather sandals production. Modern females who are assertive and free-spirited, who know and value fashion and aren’t compromising their feeling fo comfort, are those for whom Antelope ladies leather sandals, Bree Sandals, are produced. At a fair and reasonable cost we make sure our buyers buy a winning alliance of utmost comfort, fashion, quality, and novelty, all of which are the leading guidelines in our leather sandals for women manufacturing. We give thought to the different styles of brown leather sandals that will get the attention of every woman, whether it is closed toe, open toe sandals, open back shoes, clogs & mules, ankle boots, knee-high boots, leaving nothing out.

ladies leather sandals


Ladies Leather Sandals Is An Absolute Pleasure To Use

Antelope's goal is to generate massive impression, and that is clear in the ingenuity we add to produce ladies leather sandalsFlat leather sandals gives 100% customer satisfaction because it is manufactured with long lasting items. Our women's shoes production line and processes are upgraded routinely to bring out the most effective obtainable product for the market. We produce in all shapes, sizes, and colors, that appeals to the several women. And simply because we realize that women appreciate gold, silver, bronze, and steel designs, we have provided them to satisfy specific outings.