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How to Store your Shoes




A correct storage can add a lot of wear time to your shoes. And while it is very tempting to simply leave your shoes at the entrance, or put them in a storage container, it can significantly shorten their lifespan. To make sure your footwear is always in the best condition, we recommend following these tips:


- Keep the box: for long term storage box is the best way to protect your shoes from dust, temperature changes, and creasing. It also helps to add a small silica bag that regulates the moisture. Make sure you clean your shoes before you store them and stuff them with paper to prevent creasing. Antelope shoes always arrive with a box and a protective dustbag to help you enjoy the shoes for a long time.


- When used frequently, store the shoes outside the box. This will allow the shoes to air and dry before the next use.


- Store boots upright. To prevent creases and unwanted folds, make sure to use boot stands, or even cardboard and paper. This will keep them in a perfect shape and ready for the next season. Antelope shoes always sends paper and cardboard fillings that can be preserved and resused for future storage.


- Avoid humidity: make sure you store your shoes in a dark dry place. Areas like attic or basement are less than optimal since they are usually more humid.


- Avoid plastic wraps and bags. Fabric dust bags are the way to go, as they allow air circulation while protecting the shoes. When you receive your Antelope pair, make sure to keep the dustbag, it will help you protect and preserve your shoes for a long time.


These are the rules we always stick to, in order to keep our shoes in the best shape possible, and we make sure to provide the right packaging that will help you enjoy your shoes for much longer. Let us know what are your favorite tips for storing your shoes?