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The shoes you need based on your Zodiac sign



We love horoscopes, and we believe that a lot can be said about the person based on his zodiac sign.

And if that statement is true, it can be also applied to your footwear choices!

Here are our recommendations based on the stars:



Aries: Ruled by the fire, this sign commands a pair to match. We suggest opting for a bold choice and never look back: a pair of sky high wedges in a deep, luscious bordeaux colour will be just up your alley: our 888 style is the right one for you.







Taurus: romantic yet sensible Earth sign, Taurus looks the best in neutral and muted colors. Subtle and sophisticated is the name of the game here. Our 870 style in gorgeous grey is just perfect for Taurus: gorgeous palette, combined with a cork wedge - steady, natural, just right.













Gemini: If you could wear two pairs at once your life would be that much easier, wouldn’t it Gemini? This is why you would LOVE our metallic 774 Sandals! A statement heel and the gorgeous metallic will make up for your need to shine, while the subtle gold with look versatile and work with many looks.








Cancer:  a water sign that  likes to blend in, cancers would love nothing more than get coziness and comfort from their footwear, without compromising on aesthetics. And this is exactly what our 545 Sandals in black are providing: a natural cork low wedge, beautiful leather and metallic combination, and clean, geometrical lines to create just the perfect look for you, Cancers!








Leo: this sign commands attention and needs the shoes to go with it. Leo’s would love nothing more than their favorite pair getting lots of compliments, and this is exactly what will happen when they'll wear our 745 Sandals in gold. The intricate straps, the combination of leather and metallic as well as the impressive wedge height make these stunners the ultimate sandals for Leo.








Virgo: we know you like your everything to be in order Virgo! This is true for your place as much as it is true for your appearance. We KNOW our 565 style in khaki is bound to be your go- to pair: simple, practical, perfect for day to day but also for a night out - these are the shoes for you.








Libra: it’s all about balance for Libras. Feminine yet with a slight edge, a statement but not overwhelming. There is so much to consider in order to keep you happy. And we think we have just the right shoes! Our 507 sandals in black have the right amount of girliness, combined with an edgy heel and gorgeous scalloped details: we’re sure these will keep you more than content.









Scorpio: sophisticated and fearless, you need a pair that will show your intricate character. Our 857 Sandals in taupe will do just that: the gorgeous shape along with 2 color combinations intertwined in a unique and original way, will be perfect a fearless femme like you!








Sagittarius: welcoming and social, Sagittarius is a sign that needs to show his happy notes. We think you will wear a pop of color so well! Our blue 886 sandals look a-m-a-z-i-n-g on, and the ultra bright color will perfectly complement your cheerful character.









Capricorn: reliable and level headed, Capricorns are independent and strong. Our 205 Sandals will be the perfect match for your steady spirit: the raised flat platform with beautiful detailing on the sole, as well as a sophisticated and smart upper makes these sandals your must-have choice.








Aquarius: eccentric and free spirited, you love a pair that will allow you to be your carefree self, yet upgrade your look. Our 315 Sandals in grey would be a great choice for Aquarius: a comfortable style with a statement. The sole is trendy and has that “I don’t care” attitude you like so much. The leather upper keeps it neutral and together, just the way you prefer it.








Pieces: dreamers and romantics, pieces have their heads in the clouds, and that is why they need a great pair of shoes to keep them grounded. How about our 548 Sandals? The beautiful silver metallic is perfect for your sign, and looks great combined with a subtle wedge that upgrades any look. We’ve got you, pieces!








So! Did we get it right? Or totally wrong? In the comments below tell us your sign and favorite pair form the collection!