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Best Shoe Styling Tips




We all have our style routines: the tried and true tricks and techniques that work for us during our day to day dress up ritual. But sometimes it can all get a little too boring, and this is why we like to hit a refresh, see what styling tips can help our wardrobe feel new and exciting again. Below you can find some of the latest tips we found useful:

1.Go for a monochrome midi-sandals combo for a leg lengthening effect. This one is perfect for summer, but can also be useful later on when seasons change. Opt for always flattering copper & tan combination that will create an elongated, streamlined silhouette.











2. Bright bag - neutral shoe combination is as sophisticated as it gets. Contrary to the popular belief, your accessories don’t have to match! When opting for a bright bag, balance it out with a neutral toned pair of shoes. This will create an elegant yet summer appropriate look. Try to style the accessories with a white shift dress for a timeless ensemble! 










3. Want your pair of sandals to feel new and updated? Try a pair of patterned socks! This tip is usually reserved for fall but when styled with delicate polka dot socks and a light dress - this look is as much fun during the summer. And while you can opt for bright and contrast colors, we find the same tone combination to be more versatile and easy to style.


With these easy to implement tips, your summer wardrobe can be updated in no time.

Tell us, what are your favorite summer tips? And if your wardrobe needs a little more significant update, there is no better time to shop our summer sale!