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Taking Care of Antelope Shoes- The Full Guide

Great footwear begins with great materials. So, from day one, we rigorously selected raw materials that ensure supreme durability and comfort. Then, we treated these superior materials with unmatched expertise that has made Antelope Shoes world renowned.

Many of our loyal customers ask us about the proper way to look after their Antelope Shoes. So, as footwear experts, we put together this guide. Follow these steps to take care of your Antelope Shoes, and enjoy them for a long, stylish time.

To cater to your shoes properly, you’ll first need to determine what materials they're made from. In order to do so, you can search for their specific model using the search engine at the top right of our website. Each model description includes the materials comprising the particular shoes. Still not sure? Please contact us for assistance.

To clean suede, nubuck leather and other materials that are not regular leather, please use alcohol-free, disposable baby wipes. Very gently, pre-test the wipes in a small inner area of one of the shoes. It's important to make sure the process does not harm the material, before progressing to the entire surface area. After performing this test, keep wiping methodically and continue to all other parts of both your shoes.


(On the left: 300 Patent Leather Ankle Booties. On the right: 686 Suede and Broken Leather Boots)

To clean regular leather, please use an oil sponge brush. This specially designed sponge contains lubricating moisture and will clean the leather, making your shoes seem shiny and new. The natural type of brush suits all colors and shades of leather, and will work perfectly with your Antelope Shoes.


(On the left: 320 Leather Mules. On the right: 360 Leather Oxfords)

Finally, remember to store your Antelope Shoes carefully. Keep them away from dust, water, heat, and direct sunlight so the materials don’t fade and damage. Also, we advise to refrain from storing shoes one on top of the other, because although it saves room, this method might result in the shoes crinkling and losing shape.

Your Antelope Shoes take care of your feet eveyrday. Now it is your turn to take care of them. :-)