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Ankle Boots & Sandals Collection | Ankle Shoes with Straps for Women

leather ankle booties

Leather Ankle Booties Is An Overall Delight To Have On

Antelope's aim is to produce massive impression, and which is noticeable in the ingenuity brought in to produce ankle booties. Our Ankle boots collection presents 100% customer satisfaction considering that it is made with sturdy items e.g. these pure leather made brown ankle boots. Our production line and processes are worked on constantly to give the most effective available product for the market. We manufacture in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which appeals to the most women. And since we understand that women adore gold, silver, bronze, and steel designs, we have integrated them to match any particular functions.



ladies ankle boots

All Units Of Ankle Shoes for Women Are Manufactured To Perfection

When creating a pair of ankle sandals or boots for women, there are many aspects that should be considered. The constituting factors are the woman’s sole contours, the placement of the leg in relation to the foot, simplicity and ease of slipping into and taking off the leather made ankle shoes, precise planning of the seams and enforcements of the upper, and many more elements that have to do with high standards and professionalism. The above ankle boots in grey give the best possible hold and highlight essential treading points, all of which are taken into account during the stage of planning and design. Uncompromised comfort of ankle booties lets our shoes to be worn anytime, anywhere from the start of the day till its end - whether talking about a low platform or a tall one, a high heel or a low one.


ankle sandals for women

Ankle Boots & Sandals for Women In Unique Arrangements From All Around The World

Season after season, Antelope’s in-house designers carry out original, state-of-the-art compositions. To get an idea for a concept for creating a wide variety of prototypes in accordance with current, latest and most updated trends in the realm of fashion and shoes, these professionals tour the world to get acquainted with and briefed on every aspect of current fashion trend. Our company’s product goes far and wide all across the world. Our unique and exciting designs can be found in Israel as well as Australia, America, Europe, Canada, China. The company maintains growth and development inside the current markets, and its intention presently is to keep accessing new markets which appeal to potential buyers. High-profile boutiques and high-class, quality shoe shops are the main distributors of our ankle boots & sandals selection. The company’s imminent goal is to keep exploring new markets which appeal to potential consumers, as well as continuing growing and developing in the given markets. Check these brown ankle sandals!

ankle strap flat shoes for ladies


The World Is Our Passion When Creating Ankle Shoes In Extraordinary Designs

When speaking of Antelope’s focus on the small details to bring about a big difference, look at the handmade sutures of thick flex yarn, the surprising shapes of uppers, the arrangements of buckles and zips, the handcrafted straps , and plenty more authentic and artistic features.Any customer will discover her allure of hues and interests within the varied spectrum of colors that comprise the exhilarating gleefulness of Antelope’s ankle wrap flat sandals in black, rekindled every season. These may come through as warm shades such as mustard, coffee, tobacco, taupe, or tan; or these could be cool hues such as make-up, teal, blue, or gray. There are also striking shades of pink and chartreuse on the palette; to round all these off, there is a presence of metallic nature , like bronze, pewter, silver, and gold. And above all, the ultimate hue for many people, the color black.