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Behind the collection: What goes into making a pair of Antelope sandals



In this blog post we want to take you behind the scenes and talk a little bit about how Antelope shoes are made.

Behind every stylish pair there is a design team that thought through every detail, every color choice, evey treatment, every heel shape and height, and this is definitely the case with our footwear. Take for example the three styles below:


863 Sandals: the details of wedge instantly catch the eye. This beautiful pattern is created by intertwined layers of black and natural colored leather. Combining the layers and gluing them together, creates a beautiful  mosaic with an impressive contrast effect. The upper is made of fine quality leather and the uneven effect of the taupe leather is created by a technique called “brushing” - it requires hand treatment of leather and makes every pair unique. The edges are left raw and just slightly polished  to create an effortless look. The cushioned insole is made of latex and is coated with smooth and breathable leather. The velcro closure makes this pair easy to put on and off.











The process behind the creation of our 203 sandals is fascinating as well.

The geometrical lines of this style compliment the color contrasts so beautifully.

To achieve the unique color coverage, the shoes are going through dye process as well as brushing that give the color its’ one of a kind finish. No pair is the same! The platform is dyed to match the upper, with the texture exposed for a raw, distinct effect.                      















871 Sandals are all about details: let's start with the eye catching perforation. The pattern is created by laser cut pattern on a leather sheet, which later is intertwined to create a gorgeous play of perforation with woven elements. When choosing a laser pattern, there is a lot of thought being put into the aesthetic aspect and the final look. The laser perforation creates a cut out effect and is later on finished with  brushing and waxing of each part. There is a need to make sure all these techniques work together and coordinated into an organic looking upper. The final effect is impressive and elaborate. The style is complemented with a cork platform that holds a surprising design element of its own: it is infused with beautiful gold speckles that are randomly scattered throughout the platform.


Now that you got a little taste of how our shoes are made, how much attention to detail and elaborate techniques are used in the production process, you can treat yourself to a pair of Antelope Shoes!