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Best Collection of High Instep Sandals

high instep sandals

A Great Variety Of High Instep Sandals

Antelope is a stunning quality label of high instep sandals, Stud Band, created in the late nineties in Tel-AvivThe main approach in the production of sandals for high instep lies in the victorious merge of trend, novelty, top-quality, and maximum comfort, all at a reasonable price. Our organization has centred efforts to designing high-quality footwear which will be launched in several shapes and sizes.. At an affordable price we provide our buyers with a winning merge of maximum comfort, fashion, top-quality, and novelty, all main guidelines in our high instep sandals manufacturing. We take into account the different styles of sandals for high instep that appeal to every single woman, regardless of whether it is closed toe, open toe sandals, open back shoes, clogs & mules, ankle boots, knee-high boots, leaving nothing out.



sandals for high instep

Feel Beautiful, Be Comfortable

As the production process continues, raw materials are being meticulously selected. Gorgeously soft, quality leather is what the sandals for high instep are made of. To render the sandals for high instep, Hi Cute Wedge, a special character and appeal, it undergoes a manual practice of oiling and brushing. Sometimes the leather goes through the practice of submersion by hand like it used to be done in the old days; occasionally, the upper undergoes metallic treatments for a more brilliant and special look. To let the foot breathe at all times, the insoles and lining are also dressed in lush-and-soft hide. And we certainly won’t fail to mention the effect of the construct of platforms and wedges - comfortable, light, soft, durable, and unique. Those who need to face a lot of moving around and prolonged standing in their job can still enjoy high heels, if that’s what they want, because these are perfectly suitable also for those activities.


best sandals for high instep

Sandals For High Instep That Receive Utmost Consideration

There are many elements to be thought-of when designing a best sandals for high instep. These are comprised of the shape of the sole, the placement of the leg in relation to the foot, simplicity and ease of putting on and taking the high instep sandals off, correct devising of the sutures and handling of the upper, and more aspects that relate to quality and expertise. The best sandals for high instep produce the best possible hold and accentuate main and meaningful pressure points, which are all taken into account while still at the stage of layout and concept. A low heel or a high one, a tall platform or a low one - enjoy our uncompromisingly comfortable best sandals for high instep anywhere, anytime from dawn till dusk.