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How to care for suede shoes




We love suede!  An epitome of fall, this material is both soft and textured, and it looks perfect when combined with cozy knits and coats. All that being said, it also requires a proper care in order for it to stay looking great when facing the elements. (we are talking about you rain! ) Below you can find our best tips on how to take care of suede shoes:


  • Prep: the first step starts even before you take these stunners out on the street: make sure to cover the shoes with a protective clear water repellent spray. It will  protect the shoes from external damages such as rain, and will help to keep the shoes clean.









Removing stains from suede: there are several techniques that proved to be effective. For mud and dust stains try using alcohol free wet wipes. A special suede eraser will help with scuff marks. Chewing gum might be removed with simply placing the shoe (in a plastic bag) in a freezer and then gently filing the area. Stains that are harder to deal with can be removed with white vinegar or talc/cornstarch if these are fresh stains. Make sure to always test on a small hidden corner of the shoe before you start!


  • To keep your shoes looking new and fresh: Use a shoe tree! Storing your shoes this way will do wonders. The shoe tree will help to keep the shape and avoid creases that usually happen during storage periods.


Now that you are armed with these tips, you can start looking into your new pair of shoes for the falls season! Shop suede styles here.