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Tips on how to shop sale!




It’s the sale season!

Just before the Holiday season starts, we have the chance to update our wardrobe at the most convenient prices. There are many sale options available so we suggest getting to work before the sales start. Here are our best tips on how to prepare and shop sale:

Reflect: on your wardrobe that is. Go over your closet and shoe wardrobe. See what is missing, and also what is so loved, it could use a refresh. These are the styles you are going to actively look for.

For example, did you notice that you never have shoes for all the festive formal events? Then you will need to be looking for styles such as our 569 pair.

Notice that you about to wear out your third pair of ankle boots in a neutral color? Opt for the 922 ankle boots!











Seasons don’t matter: when you shop Sale. We know how tempting it is to shop for cozy and winter appropriate stuff. But!

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop “forward”: it’s totally worth it! In between season  styles that you can wear come spring and even warmer weather styles may sometimes be available on a discount! Ballet flats are a classic wardrobe staple and you can always count on clogs as a transitional pair.





















Be surprised: because flexibility is the key to successful shopping!

Whether it’s an item you’ve been eyeing and never purchased, or an unexpected find that you suddenly fell in love with, sales are the time when you can experiment more and introduce new and unfamiliar to your wardrobe. Dare to add patterns like this trendy one or new shapes such as this beauty!


Navigating sales aint easy, but by following these steps, you can find treasures that will stay in your closet for a long time and become favorites.

Explore our Sale here.