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Latest Leather Mules for Women

leather mule shoes

Minute Details That Make All The Difference

A multitude of artistic and authentic features highlight Antelope’s emphasis on the minute details that make a noticeable difference, look at the arrangements of zips and buckles, the handcrafted sutures of linen yarn, the handcrafted straps , the nonconventional shapes of uppers, and many more.The inspiring gleefulness of Antelope’s leather mule shoes, Western Mule Shoes, is refreshed and revived every season; the assorted color range enables every customer to find her appeal of interests and hues. These might come to the fore as cold shades the likes of gray, blue, teal, or make-up; or they might be warm hues such as coffee, tobacco, mustard, tan, or taupe. The bold tones of green and fuchsia are as well in the mix and to complement all these, there is a presence of metallic nature, like pewter, gold, bronze, and silver. And, of course, the always classy color, black - the ultimate choice for many customers.



leather mule sandals

A Gorgeous Choice Of Leather Mule Shoes To Satisfy Every Woman’s Taste

Antelope is a stunning quality brand of leather mule shoes set in ’81 in Tel-AvivThe leading thought in the production of leather mule sandals lies in the winning alliance of novelty, trend, maximum comfort, and top-quality, all at an affordable price. Contemporary women who are powerful and free-spirited, who know fashion and aren’t ready to let go of their comfort, are exactly those for who Antelope leather mules with fur are created. At a reasonable cost we bring to our buyers a winning merge of quality, novelty, trend, and utmost comfort, all principal concepts in our leather mule sandals, heel Mule Shoes, produce. We consider the different variations of leather mules for women that appeal to each and every woman, regardless of whether it is closed toe, open toe sandals, open back shoes, clogs & mules, ankle boots, knee-high boots, leaving nothing out.



leather mule for women

The World Is Our Pearl When Creating Leather Mule For Women In Striking Styles

Antelope is completely dedicated to creating modern, signature patterns of leather mule for women each year. And to remain updated on the latest fashion improvements, our resourceful team journey around the world to check out numerous cultures and arts. We view that much of these adventures help to enrich ingenuity and inspire our team to develop present day shoe hallmarks. Our products are generally accepted in several areas worldwide thanks to its longevity, comfortability, and attractive styles. Right from The USA to Canada to Europe, down to Australia, Asian continent, and, of course, Israel, our shoe designs are gaining importance. Antelope is focused on expanding its market access into other emerging markets in Asia and Africa, where our shoe styles will be greatly loved. To order our variety of leather mules, e.g. Mule Clogs, just stop by your usual fashion stores within your vicinity.


leather mules


All Units Of Leather Mules With Fur Are Produced To High Quality

When creating a leather mules with fur, there are different aspects that ought to be considered. All the nuances that are related to high quality and competence, for example, the contour of the sole, the placement of the leg in relation to the foot, ease and simplicity of slipping into and taking the leather mules with fur, Toby Mule Shoes,off, good devising of the stitches and enforcements of the upper, and more. The leather mule sandals give great hold and put emphasis on fundamental treading points, which are all taken into account during the planning and design stage. A high heel or a low one, a medium platform or a tall one - enjoy the uncompromised comfort of our leather mule for women anywhere, anytime from dawn till dusk.