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Women's Summer Mules Collection for This Year

summer mules for women

Every Woman Can Find Here Her Favorite Summer Mules

Antelope is a stunning brand of women's summer mules established in 1981 in Tel-AvivThe leading approach in the creation of summer mules shoes lies in the winning merge of utmost comfort, fashion, quality, and novelty, all for a reasonable price. Our brand has expended efforts to developing high-quality footwear that will be released in different forms and sizes.. The leading approach in the production of summer mules lies in the winning combination of fashion, innovation, top-quality, and utmost comfort, all at an affordable price. We take into account the different styles of summer mule shoes which will charm all women, no matter if it is closed toe, open toe sandals, open back shoes, clogs & mules, ankle boots, knee-high boots, leaving nothing out.



summer mules shoes

Comfort & Beauty In One

The process carries on with a strict selection of raw components. All of the summer mules shoes are made with amazingly supple, high-quality leather. With each and every summer mules for women, Mule heels, the leather is treated manually for brushing and finishing to make it look attractive and give it a character. Sometimes the leather endures manual immersion like it was done in the old days; on other occasions, the upper undergoes metallic treatments for a more luminous and special appearance. The lining and insoles are also covered with pleasant-to-touch hide to let the foot breathe constantly. And we surely won’t fail to mention the importance of the configuration of wedges and platforms - comfortable, light, soft, durable, and unique. For ladies who like to wear heels, then these shoes shall be fitting for standing and walking.



summer mules

The World Is Our Passion When Creating Women's Summer Mules In Stunning Styles

Antelope is committed to producing modern-day, hallmark patterns of summer mules for women all year. And to stay on top of the newest trendy style innovations, our ingenuious staff go all over the world to explore various cultures and arts. We believe that these kinds of travels help to greatly improve imaginative spark and influence our workforce to create current shoe signatures. Our products are largely acknowledged in a lot of places world over due to its durability, comfortability, and beautiful models. Right from The US to Canada to Europe, down to Australia, The far east, and, of course, Israel, our shoe styles are attracting importance. Antelope is focused on expanding its market reach into other emerging areas in Asia and Africa, where our products will be tremendously adored. To purchase our collection of women's summer mules, like Hana Mule Shoes , just stop by your local fashion retailers within your vicinity.

women's summer mules


Minute Details That Make A Giant Difference

An array of authentic and artistic features demonstrate our focus on the minute details that create a valuable difference, see the handmade sutures of thick linen yarn, the surprising styles of uppers, the assortments of zips and buckles, the handmade straps , and more.The impressive conviviality of Antelope’s summer mule shoes, Western Mule, is revived and refreshed season after season; the varied color spectrum enables every woman to find her appeal of interests and hues. These may come to the fore as warm shades such as mustard, coffee, tobacco, taupe, or tan; or these could be cool shades such as teal, gray, blue, or make-up. The daring shades of fuchsia and chartreuse are as well on the palette and to round all these off, there is an addition of metallic nature, like gold, silver, pewter, and bronze. And, lets not forget the always classy color, black - the ultimate choice for many women.