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Match Antelope Fall 2018 Collection to your Style





When it comes to personal style, we all have a certain aesthetic we are drawn to. And while sometimes we change the way we dress for a certain occasion or situation, most of the times it is safe to say most of us stick to a familiar formula that works.

This is why we decided to create this mini guide to help you find your way around our Fall collection based on your personal style.


Casual: If you’re favorite #ootd is a pair of denim jeans and a casual top or a t-shirt (updated with a light knit and a jacket during fall), this one is for you. We know your main concern is comfort. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. The shoes that will work for you are flat or have a very low heel. You’re not too keen about too much noise or frills in your look but can opt for a statement item on a rare occasion. We found our favorite pairs just for you:












Feminine: You like soft colors and delicate details. Your looks are always put together and you tend to avoid garments that are too structured or severe. You wear an occasional pair of jeans, but it will always have some twist to it: either a lace detail or an embroidery. And you will always choose a delicate lace top over a t-shirt. Your shoes complement your look and even, if we dare to say it, match it. Here you can find some picks that will suit your style:














Boho: Your look is always just a little bit dishelved and you love when your clothes have a story to them. Layering is your best friend and you are a master of taking a floaty summer dress way into fall by pairing it with chunky knits and slightly distressed leather jackets. There is no such thing as too many accessories for you, you like to pile them on: rings, layering necklaces and  an occasional scarf or a hairpiece. You like your shoes comfortable and simple but with a statement detail: embroidery, patchwork, embellishment, patterns are your friends when it comes to footwear. Here are our picks for you:








Sporty: The fact that you love simplicity and function doesn't mean that you have given up on style. You do prefer sports attire to anything else but on a typical day you will be found in your skinny jeans and a T, wearing a bomber jacket with  a pair of sneakers. You do like to incorporate pieces that are inspired by athleisure, mixing and matching them with casual pieces for an up to date and very modern look. Below you can find the styles that will work for you:



Now that you have found items that can work for your style you can explore the rest of our new arrivals here.