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Our Best Tips for Fall Footwear

It’s that time again that we love, getting to add more shoes to our wardrobe and grow our shoe collection! Fall and winter can be harsh on our feet and on our shoes, so when the temperatures drop, we are going to make sure you’re covered. Here are our best tips for fall footwear:


Sizing: When contemplating between sizes, always go for the bigger one! Nothing feels worse than frozen toes in a shoe that is just a little too small! An extra space will allow you to add a thicker layer or maybe even a pair of thermo socks if needed, without compromising on style!


Protect: Rain or snow (and the salt that is added to avoid slippage) are some of the biggest enemies when it comes to your footwear. Make sure to use protective sprays. They will coat the leather and make sure it is safe from the elements. This will keep your shoes looking amazing! Make sure to test the product on a small hidden area to make sure it works as intended.


Storage: most of us hurry to make the wardrobe change and store all winter styles out of sight. But then when fall comes, we discover that our precious boots and booties look worn out and tired due to improper storage. So make sure to clean and polish your shoes well, condition them, add a protective coating, use boot shapers so they keep their shape and store them in a box with tissue paper and a silica bag. This will keep moisture out of the box and help keep the shoes in a perfect condition for the next season.