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New Year Footwear Resolutions







New Year always comes with resolutions. And since footwear is such an important subject for us, we decided to share the most common footwear mistakes and tips on how to avoid them. These won’t change your life but they will definitely change your wardrobe!



Not storing your shoes properly. This is an important one! We promise! Quality footwear is made to last, but in order for it to do so, it needs some tlc. Used to simply dumping all your shoes in a plastic bin when the season ends? Your shoes will look the part the next year. Trust us, your favorite pair of sandals will last that much longer if you store it in a box, properly cleaned and wrapped.


















Buying “more of the same”. That feeling of “I have nothing to wear”? We all know it! What you might not realise is that your shoes have a lot to do with it! Just think about it: your outfit changes so much when you style it with different shoes. But since most of us are creatures of habit we opt for the safe and the known. Have 5 pairs of black ankle boots with a 1” heel? We feel you! Time to add some color and experiment with shapes!


Not taking a good care of your shoes. Can’t imagine your life without that pair of taupe ankle boots that you wear everyday? Time to take care of them! The right product can be a life saviour and your shoes (and your wardrobe) will look much better in the long run. 


So, once you have your shoe wardrobe sorted out, it is time to tackle some other things. Working out? A new language? We are sure whatever you’ll put your mind to, it will be amazing! We hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling Holidays and a Happy New Year!