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Studded Platform Wedge Sandals In New Style

studded wedge sandals

Each Studded Wedge Sandals Receives Maximum Attention And Care

There are many elements to be taken into account when creating a studded wedge sandal for women. All of the nuances that adhere to high quality and professionalism, such as the shape of the sole, the placement of the leg in relation to the foot, simplicity and ease of slipping into and removing the studded wedge sandals, correct devising of the stitches and enforcements of the upper, and more. The studded platform wedge shoes, Studded Wedge Ankle Strap,  maintain the best possible support and put emphasis on main and meaningful treading points, all of which are conceived at the outlining and design stage. A low heel or a high one, a tall platform or a medium one - utilize the uncompromised comfort of our studded platform wedge sandals anytime, anywhere from the start of the day till its end.



womens studded platform wedge sandals

A Stunning Choice Of Women's Studded Platform Wedge Sandals To Suit Every Woman’s Taste

Conceived in ’81 in Tel Aviv, Antelope is an excellent quality make of women's studded platform wedge sandals.The company concentrates on making a choice of footwear, from platforms or high, medium and short wedges to sandals or flat shoes alongside high-heels in various heights In each studded platform wedges niche there is an abundant stock of possibilities to suit a broad spectrum of customers with changing needs Whether you’re after open back shoes, open toe or closed toe sandals, clogs & mules, knee-high boots, ankle boots, and much more, there is an abundant stock of possibilities, to suit a versatile scope of buyers, in the making of every women's studded platform wedge sandals Whatever is your most preferred shape of studded platform wedges, you shall find it in here.


black studded platform wedge sandals

The World Is Our Passion When Creating Black Studded Platform Wedge Sandals In Unique Styles

Line after line, Antelope’s in-house designers carry out fresh, state-of-the-art layouts. To get an idea for a concept for producing a wide scope of designs in accordance with the most current crazes in the world of fashion and shoes, they scour the world to get familiarized with and updated on every nook and cranny of current fashion trend. The Antelope company’s product reaches far and wide . Its exciting and unique models of black studded platform wedge sandals, low studded slide, are marketed and sold in America, Europe, China, Australia, Canada, and, of course, Israel. The company maintains progress and development inside the existing markets, and its intention at present moment is to continue entering new markets which appeal to potential buyers. Our selection of women's studded platform wedge sandals is distributed in top-quality boutiques and high-class, quality shoe shops. The company maintains advancement and development within the current avenues, and its intention today is to continue accessing new avenues which appeal to potential clients.

brown studded platform wedge shoes


Brown Studded Platform Wedge Shoes Is An Absolute Pleasure To Adorn

An array of artistic and authentic components highlight our emphasis on the minute details that create a valuable difference, look at the arrangements of buckles and zips, the handmade sutures of flex yarn, the handwoven straps , the nonconventional styles of uppers, and so much more.Any woman will find her allure of hues and interests within the diverse range of colors that form the exciting conviviality of Antelope’s brown studded platform wedge shoes, hi studded slide, rekindled every season. These may come to the fore as cool shades such as teal, gray, blue, or make-up; or quite the opposite, they could be warm colors such as tobacco, coffee, mustard, taupe, or tan. There are also bold tones of green and pink on the palette; to complement all these, there is a choice of metallic variety, like silver, bronze, pewter, and gold. And, lets not forget the always classy color, black - the shade of choice for many women.